Monday, October 26, 2015

19-9-0: The Law of Success

I want to quickly introduce you to 1-9-90, the Law of Success. This is not an HYIP!. Let's just settle that once and for all. If this post wasn't to introduce you to 1-9-90, it will be to run down every kind of HYIP out there. If you have ever put your money in an HYIP and have managed to cash out, then lucky you. I have never been that lucky. Guess that's to protect me from believing they work.

1-9-90 is a bitcoin-based multi-level marketing system. 1-9-90 is a specially formulated BITCOIN network marketing business that is designed to enable people earn rewards from introducing the business to other people easily. The word 'easily' there doesn't mean it will be breezy. The 'easy' is just from the fact that you do not have to sell a product here like other Multi Level Marketing Programs. Yeah, I know many of us believe that MLM cannot work without a product, not if the company has something they are doing with your money.

Now, many people run from MLM because they don't want to sell. I for one had tried one and believe me, its not easy to convince someone to buy a supplement. Even when they know its going to work, they still give you this look on their face that makes you look like a plague. It will take a whole lot of work to sell stuff to people, particularly when they don't think they need what you are selling. So 1-9-90 designed this system and its based on this principle:

  • You invest a token.
  • You invite two other people to invest this same token
  • The tokens you and all your downlines invest earn you something which you can re-invest to earn more (that's if you want more like oliver twist)
  • All your investments, as well as the pool of every other partners' investment, are traded with on the bitcoin market, pretty much like stocks, by the best hands around. 
  • So instead of having to sell products to keep in business, this company invests in the bitcoin market with the pool of funds. This keeps them in business.

Just in case you do not know, Bitcoin is the world’s most successful crytocurrency to date and it is still priced above $200 to a bitcoin. Bitcoin is well known worldwide and acceptable on most merchant/retail sales websites. Well I am not going to bore you with that, you probably know this already.

So 1-9-90 understood how hard it is for you to sell and how much you will like to make money; if only it involves you introducing the system to others. Now, you should know that this is the same thing people do on HYIPs. After you have invested your hard earned money, you still tell other people about the crap to come invest so the total loss is not only yours, it includes the monies of everyone you introduced the HYIP to.

The difference is 19-9-0 is not an HYIP and will not disappear with your money. If these HYIPs were really investing with your money, they probably won't need to cart away with all your funds.

SO WHAT IS 19-9-0?
19-9-0 is an acronym where:

1 – Means You

9 – Means you earn 9% of the first 2 that upgrades under you (whether you refer them or not)

90 – Means you earn 90% of the 4 partners that land under your first 2 upgraded partners.

So basically, you earn

9%   – 0.9 x 2 = 1.8 and

90  – 9 x 4 = 36

For a total earning of 37.8 (378%) with just your one-time only 10 investment. Now let's not forget that's a low investment when compared to what these HYIPs steal from us. I am all against HYIPs.

Yes, you make 37.8 with your 10 investment. This money is automatically paid into your Perfect Money account once your two downlines make their own 10 investment so you have recovered your basic investment but it doesn't end there. If you must make the real cash, you have to re-invest. You have the opportunity to cycle your money 10 times to earn a total of 22,680.

Let's break it down..

1- €10 cycle to earn   €37.8
2- €25 cycle to earn   €94.5
3- €50 cycle to earn   €189
4- €100 cycle to earn  €378
5- €250 cycle to earn  €945
6- €500 cycle to earn.    €1890
7- €1000 cycle to earn €3780
8- €2000 cycle to earn  €7560
9- €4000 cycle to earn  €15120
10- €6000 cycle to earn €22680 and this is where it ends. You are however free to start the whole cycle again if you want.

Bear in mind, this will require some work but whatever you do, its worth it and wherever you call it quits, you don't lose money as long as you can introduce two active people.

  • Visit 19-9-0 and register. Just enter what you want to use as login and click the 'Forward' arrow . 
  • Enter your email address and skype ID and proceed. 
  • Click 'Send' to receive a confirmation email and your login details. Note that Skype is not compulsory. If you have one, good! Registration is as easy as breeze. 
  • Visit Perfectmoney and create an account if you don't have one. It is free to join. If you already have one, then it's all good.
  • Fund your Perfectmoney account with $12.00 or €10.00
If you cannot access Euros, fund with dollars and convert on Perfectmoney Currency Exchange Tab within your account or click HERE for a brief tutorial on how to do that. Your dollars will be converted into Euros for you. Once that is done, you are ready to deposit the money into your 19-9-0 account. Click Here to Learn how to fund your 19-9-0 account.

Once you have funded your 19-9-0 account, you are all ready to start inviting family and friends to join 19-9-0. 

It is worthy of note that the matrix structure of only allow partners to fall under upgraded members whether they are directly referred by them OR not!!! So even if you can’t refer, you will still be good to earn. It might just take some time unlike if you directly work it like I do.

Now this is the Law of Success, not HYIPing. You can make some good bucks here like some of us have been for a while now. Let's quit giving our monies to these pricks called HYIP Admins. They are all liars and they are just lying in wait for the next fool to rob. If you quit and join me, we probably will cause them to run out of business. 

The secret to success is smart work. It is because people don't wanna work that scammers exist. If we all decide to work somehow (believe me, 19-9-0 is some work, writing this post is some work), then scammers will run aground; they will self-destruct. 

To your success!